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Your 28-Day Veganuary Course

Your 28-day Veganuary meal plan, vegan nutrition guide and daily recipes so you can eat better, get healthier and start making a difference to our planet.

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This ebook and meal plan is incredibly useful and so organised! Can’t wait to get started!

Marco S.


I always wanted to give Veganuary a try, and this course is a GAME-CHANGER! I’m already in love with all the recipes!

Laura D.


Kick-Start Your Vegan Diet

Are you ready to eat better, get healthier and start making a difference to our environment? Then this 28 day vegan starter course is for you. Whether you’re a vegan newbie who has no idea where to get started or a longtime vegan just looking to shake up your current routine and try something new, this course is perfect for everyone. 


Vegan Cooking Made Easy

After years of following a vegan diet and experimenting with a ton of recipes, cuisines and nutrients, we have developed an easy, effective and completely do-able 28-day vegan starter course. Simple, nutritious and incredibly delicious vegan recipes without the fuss. Let us show you that:

28+ Vegan Recipes, Nutrition Tips and More

Our 28-day vegan course will make vegan cooking feel like a breeze. Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn during this online course:

Easy-to-make, healthy recipes made with everyday ingredients

There’s often the assumption that vegan cooking is complicated, requires hours in the kitchen or forces one to spend a fortune on ingredients. From simple yet creative breakfast ideas to hearty pasta sauces to delicious mains from around the world, our course brings you easy-to-make, healthy recipes made up of everyday ingredients.

How Does It Work?

30+ Vegan Recipes

The course includes one plant-based recipe per day, which you can either make for lunch or dinner. Completely up to you! Stay flexible, order that takeout one night or cook in bigger batches for the next day.

Weekly Shopping Lists

In addition to your daily recipes, you'll receive simple breakfast ideas, recipes for quick and easy snacks and sweet treats. Plus, you'll receive a weekly shopping list to your inbox.

Vegan Nutrition Guidance

And it's not just about cooking! We've curated the best resources on vegan nutrition, shopping, food waste tips and more to support your transition to a vegan diet.

Join Our Community

You’re not in this alone! No matter what type of goal you have, being part of a supportive community will be vastly helpful. Taking part in our starter course also means you’re part of something bigger than just your own personal goal. When signing up for our challenge, you’ll be invited to our closed Facebook group where we encourage everyone to share their experiences, delicious creations or questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The course kicks off on the 4th of January 2022. We invite everyone to start on the same day so you can become part of something bigger than just your own personal goal and enjoy the support of the whole community. Of course, you can still join after the challenge starts and just pick it up where you feel like.

The meal plan in our eBook and on our Veganuary platform will tell you which recipe to cook each day. In addition, you will find the recipe for each day in your inbox the night before.

This depends on which option you go for. We offer a 7-day free trial. Please see above for details.

If you’re experiencing any troubles, please reach out to the team at

You can sign up for just £1.99. We want to make information on plant-based cooking and living as accessible as possible, which is why we’ll always try to keep prices as low as possible.


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